Biographische Notiz
Hans Joachim Kasselmann
La Revue du Liban. 17-03-2007

He acquired the mastery of a technique, which opened huge new ground to him and thanks to various procedures makes it possible to advance far into untrodden realms.

His works have a broad margin for interpretation, coupled with a specific corporal language of form.

The interaction of techniques and technologies give the works meaning and quality on the same level with contemporary painting.

His goal is not to copy reality, but to newly define it in unusual dimensions, thereby, through the meaning of each detail, intensifying the message of the total composition.

With much good fortune he combines reflections and forms with one another such that one asks: « painting or photography? »

For him reality never ends with “visible” things

He breaks with the modes of convention in order unencumbered to discover art for today and art for tomorrow. His art leads into the future.

Nicole Malharmé Harfouche


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