Biographische Notiz
Hans Joachim Kasselmann
05.01.2006 L'Orient Le Jour - Art et Culture - Beirut - Libanon

…a mixture of momentary and permanence, fleetingand timeless (ageless), the photoprints are an expression of a new artistic language.
The exhibit, through abstract forms of living wood, shows the artists’ intentions : to reveal the man-like material as one which is inspired with a living soul.
… a sequence of composition… in which the artist succeeds in allowing the observer to be in doubt about whether to attribute the depiction (picture) more to the world of real sense perception or to the realm of fantasy.
… titles are like spirituals meandres, woven in myths which unfold from the innermost part of every living being.
… by translating the inner song of the material and the quiet whispering language of the soul of the wood, Kasselmann makes himself into an interpreter of a contmeporary art form which receives its entire strength from the timeless essence of the material—eternel living.

Colette Khalaf
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